The Value in an Employee Handbook


Did you ever read Calvin and Hobbes? If not, do yourself a favor and do that tonight. Pure genius. Anyway, they played a game called Calvin Ball. Basically the rules were always changing and were often the topic of heated conversations. However, that was the point of the game. Your business is not Calvin Ball. […]

A SWOT for your Start Up


What if I told you there was a way to turn all of your company’s Threats and Weaknesses into Strengths and Opportunities? Sounds good, right? This, dear readers, is the basis of a SWOT analysis. This tool exists to give you a snapshot of your business (both internal and external) and address these critical aspects […]

Enhancing Your Reputation Early On


You need a good reputation for your business to survive. You’ve got clients who love you and you’ve done good work, but you’re only halfway done. It’s vital that your company’s reputation be available for others to find as well. We’ve got a few tips you should do to build your brand online. By implementing […]

How to Be Your Own Boss


Imagine never having to leave home again. You work whenever you want and stop whenever you feel like it. It’s the perfect work schedule, right? Not quite. As productive as we like to think we are, things don’t always get done our way on our time. That doesn’t mean that becoming a self manager isn’t […]