What is an SSL Certificate and Do You Need it On Your Website?

What is an SSL Certificate and Do You Need it On Your Website?

SSL Certificates Keep Your Customers Safe and You Ranked Well Your business has been up and running for quite some time and you’re proud to say it’s been going great. The one thing you are worried about, however, is your website. You don’t know how secure it is for your customers and maybe it hasn’t […]

What Type of Website Fits Your Needs?

What Kind of Website Do You Need?

Find Out Which Type of Website You Need to Succeed Just as there are many types of apples, there are also many types of websites. Websites have evolved since their first launch in 1991 as many different technologies, based on people’s changing needs, came about with time. Now, there are many different types of websites […]

Arden Logic Improves Your Website’s Usability

How We Improve Your Website's Usability

Arden Logic Improves Your Website’s Usability by Optimizing Your Site Websites are a must-have advertising piece for companies of all sizes. They provide your customers with so much information and go a long way in officializing your business overall. With so many options in getting a website for your company, however, it can be easy […]

5 Advertising Pieces A Small Company Needs

5 Advertising Pieces a small company needs

Affordable Advertising for Your Small Business   Many forms of marketing can be pricey such as commercials, billboards, and radio spots. Without a big budget on hand, many small businesses need to be savvy when it comes to advertising their company. There are several ways small businesses can advertise their business, however, without breaking the […]

10 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Website

10 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Website

Does Your Startup Business Need a Website? These 10 Benefits Say Yes. Starting your business is an awesome accomplishment that can only be topped by a few other moments in life. You put blood, sweat, and tears into opening your doors and welcoming customers on day one and nothing is quite as satisfying as helping […]